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DTF Printing

Sublimation is high quality,long-lasting print with in budget.It method of printing using special paper and Dye Ink with heat at specific temperature.We can transfer a design into several material and fabric.

Sublimation print quality is outstanding. You can print fine lines and details in multiple colors that will be vibrant and sharp. Since the color is embedded into fabric fibers, it doesn’t wash out easily and it doesn’t crack or peel. Sublimation print is durable and long lasting.

We can print on several products.

👉List of sublimation product👈

T-shirts (polyester, polycotton, dryfit ,matte, round neck, collar neck)

Mug (white, magic, silver, golden, double tone, triple tone, heart handle, patch mug, beer mug and many more…)Pens, Wall Decor Pates, Trophies Photo frame ( glass frame, wooden frame, MDF imported frame, LED frame, pvc frame)

Keychain (wooden, MDF, acrylic,Sipper bottle, temperature bottle, flask, Insulated bottle,Magnet (pvc, wood, silicon, mini frame)Mobile holders,Mouse pad,2Dmobile cover,Notebook,Notepad,Car hanging,Costers,Badges with pin magnet,Plates,Cap,Dog tags,Masks,Sash And 700 many more products….

Sublimation has cons too,it can be only done on light colour fabrics and polyster mix.We can not do on cotton n dark colours.

Also items which have special polyster coating (Sublimation coating)can be used and print.

Stay tuned for more details on sublimation.


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