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16 by 24″ Heatpress Machine Premium


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“Print Digits 16 by 24 heat press machine is a type of heat transfer machine that has a platen size of approximately 16 inches by 24 inches. The platen is the flat, heated surface of the press that comes into contact with the material you’re applying the heat transfer to. These machines are commonly used for heat transfer applications such as applying designs or graphics to garments, fabrics, 2D mobile cover, keychains and other flat surfaces.

Here are some key considerations when looking for a 16 by 24 heat press machine:

Platen Size: The 16 by 24 measurement indicates the size of the heat press’s platen. Ensure that this size is suitable for the types of projects you plan to undertake.

Temperature and Time Control: Machine provides accurate temperature and time controls. Different materials and transfer papers require specific temperature and time settings for optimal results.

Even Heat Distribution: Heat press provide even heat distribution across the entire platen to ensure consistent and high-quality transfers.

Pressure Adjustment: Heat presses allow you to adjust the pressure applied during the heat transfer process. This feature is important for accommodating different materials and thicknesses.

Digital Controls: Heat presses come with digital controls, making it easy to set and monitor the temperature and time settings.

Brand and Reviews: Print Digits is a reputable brand with positive reviews for quality and customer support.

Clamshell Design: Heat presses come in different designs, with clamshell and swing-away being the most common. Clamshell machines have a hinged top platen that opens and closes like a clam.”


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